Why Malta?

Fact: Malta is one of the strongest and most stable economies of the European Union and the Eurozone.
Fact: The European Commission again expects Malta to be one of the fastest, actually the fastest growing, economy in Europe also this year.
Fact: Unemployment levels are among the three lowest in Europe, and have broken the all-time low record for three years in a row.
Fact: Malta has cut its taxes for its citizens for five years in a row.
Fact: Malta had registered a fiscal surplus for two years in a row, and the debt to GDP ratio has fallen from above 70% to around 50% in five years. 
Fact: Malta repeatedly positions as one of the top relocation destinations in the world, given its employment, business and lifestyle opportunities.
Fact: Malta provides universal free healthcare, classified by WHO as one of the best in the world, universal free childcare, one of the few countries in the world to provide it, and universal free education for all its citizens.  Actually, we pay our university students a stipend.
Fact: Malta is a beacon of hope on issues relating to civil liberties. In June of 2017, Malta made history by introducing the Marriage Equality bill further extending rights to LGBTQ couples. This together with advanced legislation on trans rights have put Malta at the forefront on such issues.
Fact: Malta’s economy is broadly diversified, from microchip production to financial services, from highly specialized currency printing to digital gaming, from tourism to block chain related enterprises, with Malta being the first country in the world to regulate this sector.


The Government of Malta has created the so-called Malta Individual Investor Program, through which foreigners can gain citizenship if they meet the investment minimal threshold and other requirements.

There are three ways to get Maltese citizenship through investment:

✅Contribution to the Development of Malta.
✅Purchase in Sticks or Bonds.
✅Property Transactions.

In general, the combined financial requirement, including government fees and citizenship application costs is just under 900,000, which may increase depending on the size of the investor’s family.

The benefits of Maltese citizenship are many. Maltese citizenship comes automatically with EU citizenship, the right to travel visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival to over 180 world destinations, and the right to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU Member countries.

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