Can-Am Immigration has become brand name immigration and educational firm situated at Dhaka in Bangladesh over the past ten years providing personalized service and a unique understanding of Immigration and educational issues and how they affect people’s lives. Every day, we put our over 10 years of combined experience into Practice, Application to Skilled Migration, International Study Permit, Visitor or Tourist,  International Summer Program, International Conference Program, International Training Program, International Peace Building Program, Citizenship by Investment, Residency by Investment, Birthright Citizenship to Canada, Australia and United States of America and others countries helping people just like you realize your dream of a better life in your desired country.

Our aim is to accomplish our client’s goal with expertise and efficiency. We are responsive, caring, reliable, professional and knowledgeable, at an expert level, regarding the law, policy and process of immigration and international study permits.

Over the years, we have developed a great reputation for our hard and tenacious work on clients’ files and excellent service in all areas of immigration and international study permits. Our commitment to the success of each client is unparalleled and the depth of our involvement in every detail of a case sets us apart. We have dedicated professionals with the expertise and ability to see you through the complex process of immigration and provide peace of mind by being there for you every step of the way. We bring a proactive and humane approach to every client. Our outstanding client service and passion for people make you want to have us in your corner.


Can-Am Immigration is a company headed by professionally qualified and licensed consultant to handle all our clients’ needs to immigrate to Canada, Australia. Our goal shall be to ensure our ability to meet the demands of our clients and our commitment to be a leader in the immigration and overseas education services across the globe. We assist our clients to turn their dreams into reality and bring them everlasting smiles.


Can-Am Immigration is committed to be most effective service provider in the overseas education and immigration field with a passion to be successful every time, in every case, thereby ensuring total customers’ satisfaction.


Can-Am Immigration is committed to serve its clients with high standards and ethics as laid by immigration lawyers. We endeavor to work within a corporate culture that values customer’s satisfaction, accountability, problem solving, integrity and confidentiality. To achieve our vision, we have a workforce that is increasingly skilled, motivated and committed to dynamic leadership. We are responsive to social responsibilities and shall initiate and contribute our part to any efforts to make this world a better place to live in.


Provide unparalleled service to gain clients’ trust and satisfaction. Build up strong network in source countries. Updated knowledge of changes in Immigration Laws, Overseas Education System, Investment Criteria and Laws and Embassy Visa Requirements. 

We would be happy to meet you or hear from you in our office, whether you are looking to go abroad as an Immigrant, Investor, Student, Visitor or Tourist and make abroad your new home.

I look forward to thanking you again.

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