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The 21st century with the rapid expansion of globalization has initiated revolutionary changes in Expatriate Welfare, educational diversification, Immigration and expatriate welfare and cultural enrichment almost in all the countries. Bangladesh is no exception in this regard. Bangladesh has embarked on considerable transformations to cope with new challenges. One of the areas where tangible success has been achieved is the Immigration and Expatriate Welfare Sector. Bangladesh has received $17.3 billion in remittance in 2019 according to World Bank. Bangladesh has achieved the remittance receiving ranking 3rd in the South Asia, 11th in the globally. Bangladesh has ranked 4th in the world to export students to Canada according to Canadian Bureau for International Education. These are the great achievement of Bangladesh Expatriate Ministry. Foreign remittance to Bangladesh plays spontaneously a vital and unavoidable role in strengthening the nation’s economy and providing necessities to its people. 

My commitment remains to give an exclusive unparalleled services to our beloved customers, who are willing to immigrate, study, work, invest and live abroad to build ‘’Poverty Free Golden Bangladesh’’ by earning and providing foreign remittance to our country. I would like to ensure that we will work as we worked previously and always try to provide you and all with an accurate, updated information and exclusive flawless processing services with cheap pricing regarding any kind of immigration especially to Canada, Australia, U.S.A, United Kingdom and so on.

My profound gratitude to all our Local and Overseas Partners and Agents, Associates, Corporate Members, Affiliated Universities and Colleges and Well-wishers of the company who extended their cooperation, suggestions & guidance in running the business successfully, additionally to believe in Can-Am Immigration and give us right to represent their correct destination.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, loyal customers and patrons and business partners for their continued support and I hope this extends to the future as well. We hope to continue our expansion, innovation and diversification in our immigration supports and services, providing our knowledge, expertise practice and professionalism.

Have a nice journey with Can-Am Immigration !🌹

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