Partnership is at the heart of everything we do. Stable, long-term relationship helps us deliver wonderful Visa Processing and Immigration Service. A partnership to us means combined and increased support, innovation of technique, mutual trust and confidence. We are driven by our mission to build mutual trust and business opportunity locally and globally and we have goals that can only be achieved by working with others. We are continually looking for new partners to work with us.

The Target Partnership

  • Any University or College or any Educational Institutions.
  • Any Corporate Company.
  • Any International Development Agencies.
  • Governmental or Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Private or Non-Private Financial Institutions.
  • Any Visa Consultancy or Tourism Agency.
  • Foreign Investment Companies in Bangladesh.
  • Corporate Travel Group.
  • Family Travel or Tourist Group.
  • Foreign Admission and Visa Seeking Group.
  • Frequently Traveling Organization or Personnel.
  • Frequent Tourist Family.
  • Any Other Institution, Company or Organization.

There are many causes to be engaged with us. The following reasons suggest you or your institution to be partner with us.

Best Rates for Partners.
Responsible Support and Service.
Corporate Social Responsibility.
Individuality and Integrity.
Direct Engagement and Support.
Time Management Service.
Special Review and Supervision.


Visa application is very sensitive. To mistake a silly matter in Visa Application, you may suffer a lot. One rejection can destroy your dream. Better to use a Visa Expert to start processing at the beginning to the end. There are several purposes to use our Visa Processing and Travel Services: The main Purposes are given below:

  • Tourism Purpose (Only Tourist Time).
  • Business Purpose (Any Time).
  • Family Visit (Any Time).
  • University Admission and Visa Assistance.
  • To attend into the International Conference-2020
  • To attend into the International Summer Program-2020 
  • To attend into International Training Program-2020 
  • Immigration and Settlement Service.
 Can-Am Supports and Services:

A Complete Application Forms.
Any Additional Form Required by the Embassy.
Visa Requesting Letter.
Statement of Purpose.
Food Service.
Airport Pick-up Service.
Medical /Travel Insurance (If Required).
Document Arrangements, Guidelines and Standard Format.
Interview Preparation (If Required).
Arranging a Primary Interview before Final Interview at the Embassy.
Online Appointment at Embassy.
A Complete Ready Made File Delivery for Submission at the Embassy.
Immigration Assistance (If Required).

N.B: If you need official letter of invitation, we can process the letter of invitation. You can verify it how you like. 

Send us an email: with Subject line ‘’Partner With You’’ on your time and be assured, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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