Australia is known for its diverse and welcoming people – there are so many reasons to consider studying in Australia.

Over 2.5 million people have gone to Australia as international students, and many of them have gone out to make a difference in the world. Eminent figures that left their marks in humankind history were once students in this country. Thanks to the quality of education, they received they were able to make different innovations that serve the billion people nowadays. Among these successful personalities there were 15 Nobel Laureates.

Another reason to consider going to Australia as an international student is because there is a lot of scholarship money available for you. The Australian government welcomes potential international students with open arms, and they actually offer up to $250 million dollars a year in scholarships, grants, and other financial aid that is specially set aside for international students.

This diverse country has a huge variety of opportunities for someone studying abroad. Here are just some reasons why you could consider making Australia your studying-abroad destination.

✅Top quality universities
✅Cultural diversity
✅ Live and study in safety
✅The Great Outdoors
✅Easy access to student visas
✅Internship Availability
✅Vibrant city life
✅ Feel welcome in a multicultural society
✅Easy communication
✅Incredible work opportunities

The STUDY PERMIT VISA (SUBCLASS-500) allows you to remain in Australia for up to 5 years for the purpose of full-time study at an educational institution.

  • January/March-2020
  • July-2020 (Currently accepting application).
  • October-2020

Australia has two type of tuition fee. One is for local Australian / Permanent Resident student. Another is for International Student. The tuition fee varies one course or university to another course or university depending on the course curriculum and duration. We may rough idea that may ranges.

Tuition for Under-Graduation Program Yearly: AUD $ 11,000-30,000

Tuition for Graduation Program Yearly: AUD $ 15,000-35,000

  • Filled in Student Permit Application Forms.
  • The Original Letter of Acceptance from the University or College.
  • A Valid Passport (which allows minimum 6 months’ validity).
  • Two Recent Passport-size Photographs (35X45 mm Size), with Name and Date of Birth on the Back.
  • IELTS (Academic Module) (if applicable).
  • Certificate & Mark sheets of Grade 10.
  • Certificate & Mark sheets of Grade 12.
  • Certificate & Bachelors Mark sheet (if applicable).
  • Certificate & Masters Mark Sheet (if applicable).
  • Work experience Related Documents (if applicable).
  • Proof of Financial Support during your Study Program that Represents: Tuition fee and Dependents fee as Housing fees.
  •  You can prove your funds with proof of an Australian bank account in your name, if you have transferred money to Australia get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Australian financial institution.
  • Your bank statements for the past Six months and Solvency Certificate from Bank.
  • A letter from the person giving you money or proof of funding paid from within Australia, if you have a scholarship or are in an Australian-funded educational program.
  • A Letter of Explanation. This letter helps the Immigration Officer to understand you and your goals. It explains: Why you want to study in Australia, and that you understand the responsibilities as a Student.
  • You Have no Criminal Record in Bangladesh (Police Clearance Certificate from your permanent address).
  • Submit E-Medical Certificate from Australian Authorized Hospital in Bangladesh that state you are in good.
  • English translations for your document, a statement from the Translator and a certified copy of the original documents.

The Australia Study Permit Visa processing time ranges from minimum 21 to 30 working days. However, the processing time is different depending on the country and your profile.  So, you will have to wait around 1 month for your Study Permit decision.


When: You must apply for your Study Permit Visa (Subclass 500) before you travel to Australia and commence your studies at the University or College. You should only apply for your visa within 3 months of your course start date even if you receive your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter earlier than this. Applications using the standard service aim to be processed in 30 working days but the timeframe can vary depending on when and where you make your application. You must pay the Visa Fee currently AU$ 620 equivalencies in your local currency at Application Center individually.

Where: You should apply for your Study Permit Visa in your country of nationality or country of residence. (The Application Center: VFS Bangladesh Pvt Ltd. Address: 4th Floor, Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road 45, North Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

How: To start the application for Australia Study Permit Visa, there are several forms and steps that you as the applicant must go through. The steps for applying for Study Permit Visa are below:

               (A) Confirm Your Eligibility for Australia Study Permit Visa.
               (B) Complete the Documents Required for Australia Study Permit Visa.   

Can-Am Immigration is dedicated immigration based agency at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Better to have an appointment with our Australia Education Expert after calling with this Cell No: 01919-003872 in order to have a splendid discussion with your Complete C.V / your All Educational Documents including Passport and Birth Certificate on Australia Study Permit Application Eligibility. No one will be entertained without prior appointment.

We are currently accepting application for Australia. You are welcome with your family, friends and guardians to us. 👪

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