All children in Canada are required, by law, to attend school. This includes the children of parents who are in the country temporarily to work or study themselves. Thankfully, due to Canada’s exceptional education system, children can benefit greatly from attending a Canadian institution.

The school system for children in Canada generally begins with elementary school and then progresses to high school (sometimes called secondary school). This system is composed of twelve grades, so a student begins with Grade One and spends one year completing each subsequent grade. Once a student completes Grade 12 they receive their high school diploma which makes them eligible to study at college or university.

(Any parent applying to study in Canada is welcome to include dependent children on their study permit application. A dependent child, in Canadian terms, is any child under the age of 22. If the study permit is approved with the accompanying child, then the child will be issued a visa authorizing their stay in Canada for the same duration as the parent’s permit.

Once inside Canada, all children 18 years and younger are allowed to study at Canadian elementary and secondary schools. The majority of Canada’s schools for children are public, meaning that there is no cost to attend. As well, Canada has a reputation as being a global leader in quality of education, so parents can rest assured knowing their children will be receiving the high-quality learning they deserve.)

Canada is now one of the most popular school destinations in the world for international students. Each year, more than 40,000 international students choose to study in public and private schools in Canada. Classrooms are made up of students from all different ethnicity, religions, and backgrounds. K-12 students in Canada not only learn academics but also how to be active global citizens.

From vibrant cities like Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec; to beautiful regions like British Columbia and Newfoundland, Canada is a welcoming environment for international students. Canadians are friendly, well-educated, and provide excellent hospitality to foreign students — and Canada’s public, private, and boarding schools prepare international students for higher education in Canada and abroad.

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Post-secondary Education

The school year runs from September to June, five days a week, for usually six hours a day. Canada. Generally, has 190 school days in the year, officially starting from September every year.

Early Childhood Education: 

  • Pre-Primary or Junior Kindergarten (ages 4–5) (Nova Scotia and Ontario)
  • Grade Primary or Kindergarten (ages 5–6)

Elementary Education: 

  • Grade 1 (ages 6–7)
  • Grade 2 (ages 7–8)
  • Grade 3 (ages 8–9)
  • Grade 4 (ages 9–10)
  • Grade 5 (ages 10–11)
  • Grade 6 (ages 11–12)
  • Grade 7 (ages 12–13)
  • Grade 8 (ages 13–14)

Secondary Education: 

  • Grade 9 (ages 14–15)
  • Grade 10 (ages 15–16)
  • Grade 11 (ages 16–17)
  • Grade 12 (ages 17–18)

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