Immigration Full Service Package:

This is an All-inclusive package of services which provides comprehensive consultation and assistance to clients. Clients can rest assured that their immigration application is being completely handled by professionals and they need not stress themselves unnecessarily. Staring from the assessment stage, to preparation of immigration strategy, to advice on the type of documentation, to review of provided documents and advice thereon, to the compilation of documents and completion of your immigration application, to preparing legal arguments to support the submission, to submission and follow-ups, not to mention your wide-ranging queries, the services are so numerous that it is not possible to list all. An indicative list is being attempted here.

Can-Am Supports and Services:

Initial Assessment.
✅ Point out Shortcoming, if any.
✅Advice on Method to overcome the Shortcomings.
✅Consultation and Responses to client’s Inquires related to the Application.
✅ Detailed Assessment of client’s Profile and History.
✅ Advice on Documents to be Collected.
✅ Review of Provided Documents.
✅File Preparation, including Forms Completion and Compilation of Documents.
✅ Review of Completed File before Submission.
✅ Request Immigration Records from time to time.
✅ Interpret and provide Update to Clients.
✅Updates and timely Advice on Processing Aspects.
✅Respond to anytime Contact by Clients.
✅ Continued Representation with Immigration Department.

In short, by opting for the full service package, the client utilizes the capabilities of Can-Am Immigration to the fullest potential and maximizes the success possibilities of their application.

Can-Am Immigration is dedicated immigration based agency at Dhaka in Bangladesh. You can send your C.V to us for complete accurate assessment in order to know your application eligibility on any Immigration Program. Your C.V must contain the 6 factor’s information:

01.Your Complete Educational Information.
02. Your Legal Previous and Current Experience Information.
03. Your Current Age According Passport Information.
04. Your IELTS/French Score Certificate (General Test IELTS with Validity).
05. Your Adaptability Information (1st blood information in Canada and Spouse Education Level information) (If Available).
06. Your Arranged Job Information (If available).

Please send your complete information with your C.V to our email: . Your verbal information or incomplete information in your C.V will not be accepted.

You may fix an appointment with our Immigration Expert after sending your complete full information in order to have a splendid discussion on any Immigration Program.

N.B: Copying this information or plagiarism is a completely prohibited.

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