Can-Am Immigration invites prospective Bangladeshi Students to enroll as an International Medical Student and take the best possible services in regards of International Medical Admission, Visa and Post Arrival Services only for Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, and Romania.

You’ve already taken the first step: you’ve decided you want to study medicine. So why do you need an Expert? It’s well known that there is a large disparity in access to medical school because of huge completion among the students. Accurate, up-to-date information with trained consultancy makes a wealth of difference in a student’s outcome.


✅A great understanding of the different medicine programs depending on the countries structure, style, advantages & disadvantages as well as the way they assess applications and select their students.

✅An honest opinion on your profile, its strengths and weaknesses, how you compare to other applicants and a clear plan on how to strengthen your medical college application. 

✅A clear understanding of how your profile and aspirations match the medical college landscape and a clear idea of where you should apply to achieve your ambition and get admitted to medical college.

    • Can-Am Supports and Services:

✅Accurate Information on Medical Studies in Ukraine, Armenia, Russia and Romania.
✅ Affordable Tuition Fee.
✅ Sponsor Support (if Necessary).
✅Immigration Assistance at Every Step in full.
✅Accurate Visa Counseling on Documents Arrangements before Submission Your File to Embassy.
✅Full Assistance for Embassy Rules and Requirements.
✅ Facilitate Accommodation, Food and Airport Pick-up of your Desired Country.
✅ Medical Application Preparation and Visa Application with standard time.

Additionally, helping with following matters:

Pre-application Planning.
✅Primary Application & Personal Statement Review.
✅Secondary Application Review.
✅Strong Application Resume.
✅Effective Recommendation Letter.
✅Eye-Catching Personal Statement.
✅Interview Preparation.

Can-Am Immigration is dedicated immigration based agency at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Better to have an appointment with our Medical Education Expert after calling with this Cell No: 01919-003872 in order to have a splendid discussion with your Complete Details C.V / your All Educational Documents including Passport, Birth Certificate and Any Other Supportive Documents to assessment the Medical Application Eligibility. No one will be entertained without prior appointment.

We are currently accepting applications for International Medical Admission-2020. You are welcome with your family, friends and guardians to us. 👪

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