Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa is issued for different purposes to enter any country. The requirements of Visitor Visa are clear and easy to understand. The maximum developed countries Visa Application Process is online now. Visitor Visa typically issues for short-term that may be less than 90 days with Single Entry in maximum cases and the long-term visas generally are issued for the minimum duration of 6 months to maximum 5 years with Multiple Entry. The issuance duration of visa depends on country and its embassy. It is very difficult to say the exact duration of your visa issuance. Visitor Visa is called Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

A Visitor Visa may be Used for the Following Purposes.

  • Tourism Purpose
  • Business Purpose
  • Family Visit
  • To attend into the International Conference
  • To attend into the International Summer Program & So on.
Can-Am Supports and Services:

✅Strong Invitation Letter (Verifiable).
✅A Complete Application Forms.
✅Any Additional Form Required by the Embassy.
✅Visa Requesting Letter.
✅Statement of Purpose.
✅Food Service.
✅Airport Pick-up Service.
✅Medical /Travel Insurance (If Required).
✅Document Arrangements, Guidelines and Standard Format.
✅Interview Preparation (If Required).
✅Arranging a Primary Interview before Final Interview at the Embassy.
✅Online Appointment at Embassy.
✅A Complete Ready Made File Delivery for Submission at the Embassy.
✅Immigration Assistance (If Required).
✅Any Documents Requested by the Embassy.

Can-Am Immigration is dedicated immigration based agency at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Better to have an appointment with our Visitor Visa Expert after calling with this Cell No: 01970-254 254 in order to have a splendid discussion with your Complete C.V to assessment your Visitor Visa Application Eligibility. No one will be entertained without prior appointment.

We are currently accepting applications for Visitor Visa. You are welcome with your family, friends and guardians to us. 👪

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