A Medical Visa is given to those seeking medical treatment in reputed and recognized specialized hospitals. Up to two attendants who are blood relatives are allowed to accompany with the Patient under separate Medical Attendant Visas. This visa is not applicable for surrogacy.









You will need to provide evidence that:

✅You will need to show that this treatment is medically necessary and unavailable in your home country, as well as you must show prescription letters from Bangladeshi Physicians.
✅Ideally you will provide a letter from your local treating physician (on official letterhead) describing:

  • the nature of your illness or ailment.
  • the nature of your illness or ailment
  • the diagnosis and your recommended treatment.
  • the reason why this treatment is unavailable in your home country (for example, the poor quality of hospitals and medical equipment or unavailability of health services related to your condition).
  • the doctor’s recommendation for abroad medical care.

✅You must also provide a letter from a Doctor from your treatment country who is willing to treat you.
✅Once you have decided on a doctor who can best serve your needs, obtain a letter from the physician or medical facility outlining:
✅the doctor’s willingness to accept you as a patient based on the information received from your local physician.

    • the nature of your illness or ailment.
    • a detailed treatment plan for your medical condition.
    • how long you will need to stay to complete your medical treatment.
    • the estimated cost of all medical procedures, including fees for inpatient and outpatient care.

✅You are traveling solely to receive medical treatment.
✅Your plan to stay for a temporary and specified period of time that is corroborated by a letter from your treating physician.
✅You have a permanent residence outside the Treatment Country as well as other binding ties (such as family and a permanent job) that will demonstrate that you intend to return home.
✅You have a valid passport enabling to you to return to your home country at the end of treatment.
✅You have the financial means to pay for your travel and personal expenses during your stay.
✅You have the financial means to pay for the costs of your medical treatment.

Before applying for Visa, do your research and contact a variety of medical professionals who can treat your condition to get an idea how long you will need to be abroad and how much you may be expected to pay for the treatment and any related costs such as tests, doctors’ fees, hospitalization, and prescription medication.

Can-Am Supports and Services:

✅Doctor’s Appointment Letter
✅Sending the full Prescription to Doctors or Hospitals.
✅Facilitate Accommodation, Food and Airport Pick-up of your Desired Country.
✅Anticipation of Possible Cost of Treatment.
✅Visa Application and Filling Necessary Forms.
✅Immigration Assistance at Every Step in full.
✅Full Assistance for Embassy Rules and Requirements.
✅ Medical Document Preparation and Visa Application on Time.
✅Embassy Appointment.
✅Interview Preparation (If Required).

Can-Am Immigration is dedicated immigration based agency at Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Better to have an appointment with our Medical Visa Expert after calling with this Cell No: 01970-254 254 in order to have a splendid discussion with you on Medical Visa Application. No one will be entertained without prior appointment.

We look forward to accepting application for Medical Visa. We welcome you with your loving patient, family, friends and guardians to us. 👪

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