Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to study any country in the world must first obtain a Study Permit Visa except visa exempt policy of your home country. Study Permit visas are generally Temporary Resident Visas for students who want to study into any country in the world. In some countries, study permit visa leads to Permanent Resident. This Permanent Resident leads to Citizenship of your destination country. 


Generally, every country offers 3 intakes of admission for International Students.



The requirement depends on your home country. As a Bangladeshi citizen, you need meet the following requirements:

✅You should have min. qualification H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate). In some country under S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate) passed can apply.
✅You should have min. 60% academic result individually in S.S.C & H.S.C
✅You should have min. IELTS score (5.0)
✅You need min 2 Recommendation letters from your faculty to qualify only the Master’s or Post Graduate Level’s Degree.


Please gather and prepare the following required documents before your application and visa interview:

✅Appropriate Application Form.
✅Family Information Form (If necessary).
✅Valid Passport (Min. 6 months’ validity).
✅Photo-4 copies (Photo Size depends on the destination country).
✅Pay the Visa Application Fee.
✅Gather the Following Documents

  • Admission Offer Letter /Acceptance Letter from your destination university or institution.
  • All Educational Document with all Transcripts
  • Birth Certificate
  • National ID Card (If available)
  • Financial Documents
  • Returning Document to your home country.
  • Supportive Documents
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Fitness Certificate

✅Schedule or fix an appointment at the Embassy.
✅Attend Your Visa Interview (If necessary).
✅Additional Documentation May Be Required: Additional documents may be requested to establish if you are qualified. For example, additional requested documents may include evidence of:

(A) The Purpose of your selecting university and subject or program.
(B) Your intent to depart your destination country after your trip.
(C) Your ability to pay all costs of the tuition, accommodation, food and hand expenses for full duration your program.

The financial evidence of your parents or sponsor should be appropriate documents to show as sufficient finance and your intent to return to your home country should be clear to the Visa Officer. If you cannot cover all the costs for your study permit costs, you may show evidence that another person will cover some or all costs for your study permit.


A Visa Officer will interview you to determine whether you are qualified to receive a Study Permit Visa. You must establish that you meet the requirements under destination country to receive a visa.

B.N: Digital fingerprint scans are taken as part of the application process. They are usually taken during your interview, but this varies based on location. Digital fingerprint is currently applicable for Bangladeshi citizen.

Interview Applicants

Interviews are generally required for visa applicants with certain limited exceptions below. Visa officer may require an interview of any visa applicant.

If you are age: Then an interview is:
Below 13 age Generally not required
14-79 Required (Sometimes)
80 and older Generally not required


The Study Permit Visa processing time ranges from minimum 30 to 40 working days. However, the processing time is different depending on the country you live in (Bangladesh). Please apply for visa min. 2 months’ advance.

We are currently accepting application to for Study Permit Visa. Only Appointment : 01919-003872 Note: No one will be entertained without prior appointment.

N.B: Copying this information or plagiarism is completely prohibited.

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